• Piping Plovers & Engagement at Race Point Lighthouse

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    We spent last work at Race Point lighthouse – almost ready for the summer season. The solar hot water is working, as is the solar voltaic and wind power – we all should be considering such alternate clean forms of energy… and it is FREE.

    The piping plovers are again preparing their nesting spots this spring. We now have 4-8 nesting pair in the vicinity of the light station. It is wonderful to see these endangered birds coming back, though slowly and still in danger. Piping plovers were common along the Atlantic Coast during much of the 19th century, but nearly disappeared due to excessive hunting for the millinery trade. Following passage of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in 1918, numbers recovered to a 20th Century peak which occurred during the 1940s. The current population decline is attributed to increased development and recreational use of beaches since the end of World War II. The most recent surveys place the Atlantic population at less than 1800 pairs. We still need to take great care in protecting this and other species that we have hunted almost to extinction. For more information on our and the NPS efforts to protect the piping plovers and other species at Race Point, take a look at the American Lighthouse Foundation page “Teamwork Protects the Piping Plover and Keeps Access Open to Race Point Light Station”. 


    While there, a wonderful girl received an offer that she will never forget – and a beautiful ring too. And she said “YES”. Congratulations to Renee and Ryan.

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