• Lighthouses of San Francisco Bay

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    We just picked up a hard-to-find book from the author Ralph Shanks: LIGHTHOUSES OF SAN FRANCISCO BAY. (1976. 1st. 123p. Soft wraps.) 

    “…Climb the iron stairways of San Francisco Bay ’s lighthouses to re-light the ancient lamps…on the beach below, the rescue boats are being readied…more watches…more beaches to patrol….”

    All of this well known author’s original stories are here, along with a rich treasure of countless new adventures. Illustrated with over 65 vintage photographs, the Shanks’ wonderful work chronicles the work of San Francisco Bay ’s Light Keepers as never before. Light stations includes Alcatraz Island, Yerba Buena, Point Bonita, Fort Point, Mile Rocks, Lime Point, Angel Island and Point Blunt, East Brother, Mare Island, Roe Island, Oakland Harbor, Southampton Shoal, Carquinez Strait, and more. Wonderful reading. Library copy but with a new dust jackets from the author, we have had these re-bound. Extremely difficult to find this early West Coast Reference and well worth the price. Also Signed by the author. (VG).  Regularly $38. Reduced $26. See our Recent Additions page

    Soon too we will be back at Race Point getting cleaned up and painted from the “winter”, ready to host guests for the spring and summer. About half of the dunes that you see in this photo have been lost to the sea in the last four years. We are now about 200 feet from the beach. I will keep you posted of the changes that have occurred over the winter. 

    Over the last decades, New England has already started to feel the effects of global climate change. Snow cover is decreasing and spring arrives earlier most years now. Many scientists predict that we may be headed for a Boston climate much like that of Charlotte, North Carolina, or Atlanta, Georgia. Think about it…..

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