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29222c. [full page plate] United States Life-Saving Service, 1899-1915.

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29222c. [full page plate] United States Life-Saving Service, 1899-1915.

29222c. [full page plate] United States Life-Saving Service, 1899-1915. The Company of Military Historians. Winter 1976. Full color, full page plate details the various uniforms used by the United States Life-Saving Service including Keeper’s uniform, cook, surfman winter and other dress, storm suit, summer uniform and more. Also includes numerous pieces of equipment including Lyle gun, powder box, beach lantern, early station and more. The Company of Military Historians has published a continuing series of articles and military prints, Military Uniforms in America , for many years. These full color prints are executed by different member artists to illustrate military dress relating to the American scene. As far as possible, the plates show items of material culture never illustrated before or not accurately depicted in the past. They are a unique form of reference. With over 800 plates completed to date, this continuing series represents the single most comprehensive documentation available on the subject. Excellent color plate of Life-Saving Service uniforms and equipment for framing. Extremely difficult to find. Light edge wear. (VG+-). $54.