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V-02. [print] Large 14” x 20” b/w print taken from original lithograph of Minot’s Ledge Light House c.1903.

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V-02. [print] Large 14” x 20” b/w print taken from original lithograph of Minot’s Ledge Light House c.1903.

V-02. [print] Large 14” x 20” b/w print taken from original lithograph of Minot’s Ledge Light House c.1903. Taken from the original illustration by artist William P. Bodwell, the original of this exquisite poster was issued by a teacher’s journal in October 1903. The text gives basic facts about this historic lighthouse, designed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, that was completed Sept. 16, 1860, replacing the earlier lighthouse that came down in a storm in 1851. As this lighthouse is still in existence, but closed to the public, appreciators of its historical importance can have a rare glimpse of the interior as of 100 years ago, with resident lighthouse keeper, by the following illustrations: First Structure on Minot’s Ledge (sitting on delicate framework); Minots Ledge Lighthouse – Low Tide; Trial Foundations – Cohasset (where the lighthouse was set up, showing cottages on shore and lighthouse in distance); Keepers’ Cottages Gov’t. Island; A Convenient Stairway ( the keeper greets a visitor who’s climbing the stairs); Looking Homeward – The Little Ones (the uniformed keeper scans the shore with a telescope, lifeboat nearby); The Entrance – Looking Out (view of area just inside the entrance); Night Duty – The Watchroom (the keeper reads a paper by the cast iron heater, and view of some machinery with wheel); Lighting Up (keeper adjusts the lamp mechanism); On the Parapet – The Fog-Bell (view of bell on walkway, keeper standing by looking at sailboats in the distance); The Storeroom – The Well (a view of a small room with tiny open window and a round trap door in the floor); Kitchen and Dining Room (view of wooden sink and cast iron range stove; The Captain’s Sleeping Room; A Summer Visitor (woman in turn of the century clothing sitting in a chair, which is being lowered by a rope or chain); Sectional View (cross section view showing number of floors, stair turns, lamp mechanism, number of feet between levels). At lower right corner it says “Illustrated by Wm. P. Bodwell. Minot’s Light. 1896.” with facsimile of his signature. Bodwell (1852-1940) painted maritime subjects over the years. This superb rendition provides possibly the only views of the interior of this noted beacon and is perfect for framing. Printed on a beautiful buff woven stock, this would look wonderful framed for a display or wall decoration. (M). $15.95 each.