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29130. (original silver print photo) White Island Light Station, New Hampshire c.1904 by Henry G. Peabody.

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29130. (original silver print photo) White Island Light Station, New Hampshire c.1904 by Henry G. Peabody.

29130. (original silver print photo) White Island Light Station, New Hampshire c.1904 by Henry G. Peabody. Beautiful silver print “#156 of White Island Lighthouse and Dwelling” by renown landscape and marine photographer Henry G. Peabody. Unusually clear, close view shows all aspects of the station including the keeper’s boat with the sail up drying in the breeze. The Isles of Shoals, a cluster of nine islands, is located several miles off the seacoast of New Hampshire. The first lighthouse in the Isles of Shoals was established on White Island in 1821. In 1839, Thomas Laighton (1805-1866) became keeper. Laighton and his wife, Eliza, moved to White Island with their two children, Oscar and Celia. Later in 1841 a baby, Cedric, was born to the Laightons at the lighthouse. Laighton’s daughter, Celia, later gained widespread fame as Celia Thaxter, poet and author. In her book, Among the Isles of Shoals, she described the family’s arrival and life White Island Lighthouse. Henry Greenwood Peabody (1855-1951), photographer, lecturer, and publisher of educational slides and films, enjoyed a remarkable career spanning nearly sixty years. Peabody produced thousands of photographs, slides, and films documenting the American landscape, worked in virtually every photographic process, delivered lectures describing the scenery that he so lovingly photographed, and published books that visually described the landscapes and scenery in which he specialized. Peabody attended Washington University in St. Louis, and later the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1879 Peabody set up a studio with Alexander Hesler in Chicago and later relocated to Boston where Peabody opened a studio in 1886. He specialized in marine, landscape and architectural photography. He also served as the official photographer for the Boston and Maine Railroad and the Great Northern Railway, photographed the Americas Cup races, and published Representative American Yachts and The Coast of Maine. In 1898, Peabody accepted a position with the Detroit Publishing Company, the largest postcard publisher in the United States. From 1900-1908 he served as field photographer on both the east and west coasts. For this reason we see many of Peabody’s earlier images such as this White Island Lighthouse view showing up as later real photo postcards. From about 1910 to the end of his career, Peabody produced photographs and slides of the American landscape for educational purposes. His life, according to one historian, “embraced the whole cycle of photography from its earliest days as a novelty to the era when every man could be his own camera expert. He exerted a vital influence on the profession and on the acceptance of photographs in the public interest. Original silver print measures 7” x 9 ¼” and is mounted on early album page. Print is clear and clean, perfect for framing. A striking and thoroughly interesting view. (F-). $445.