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27107f. (broadside) Massachusetts Humane Society. “Directions for Rescuing Drowning Persons”. c.1916

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27107f. (broadside) Massachusetts Humane Society. “Directions for Rescuing Drowning Persons”. c.1916

27107f. (broadside) Massachusetts Humane Society. “Directions for Rescuing Drowning Persons”. c.1916. Quite large 20” x 26”. Extremely rare, c.1916, large illustrated broadside published and distributed by The Humane Society of Massachusetts. This fantastic, original broadside measures 20 x 26″. It is titled “Directions for Rescuing Drowning Persons”. Above the title appears the Seal of the Humane Society as well as the words “The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts “. The body of the broadside contains text and illustrations giving instruction as to how to rescue a person who is in the water and is drowning as well as instruction for “Restoring Persons Apparently Dead from Drowning” once the victim has been brought ashore. At the bottom of the Broadside Poster is text that reads “Circulated by The Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts .”. The Broadside is mostly blank backed but when folded (as issued) the section of the reverse side that acts as a “cover” has a list of “Life Saving Stations of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. “. Each Station is listed as well as the equipment to be found at each location. The listing includes 30 stations still in existence. Below the list is text that reads “These Stations are maintained by the HUMANE SOCIETY of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are independent of the U. S. Life Saving Service.”. The Massachusetts Humane Society was the first organizations to establish and supply Life Saving Stations in the United States . Established in 1785, the Society carried on an extensive correspondence with the Royal Humane Society of England and in 1807 commissioned the building of the first lifeboat to be stationed on the Atlantic Coast , to be stationed at Cohasset. For many years the Humane Society of Massachusetts provided the only lifeboat service along that state’s busy coastline. Even after the establishment of the US Life Saving Service in the post Civil War years, the Humane Society continued to provide support and equipment to a number of coastal volunteer crews. In addition to providing equipment and training of volunteer Life-Saving crews along the Massachusetts coast, the Humane Society awarded Life Saving Medals and cash “Premiums” to men and women (and children) who risked their own lives to help passengers and crewmembers of shipwrecks along the coast. In about 1916, when this piece was published, both the Humane Society and the U. S. Life Saving Service manned Life Saving Stations along the Massachusetts Coast . This very rare piece is printed on fairly delicate stock and has somehow survived in good condition. It is clean and crisp with only one slam stain to edge. No chipping or significant damage. It still has good folds, as issued. This very rare and very attractive Life Saving broadside will frame and display beautifully. (VG+). $125.