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14273b. (maps) Maps of Chatham, Massachusetts by G.H. Walker. 1880.

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14273b. (maps) Maps of Chatham, Massachusetts by G.H. Walker. 1880.

14273b. (maps) Maps of Chatham, Massachusetts by G.H. Walker. 1880. 17 ½” x 27 ½” both sides. From the Atlas of Barnstable County, published in 1880 by G. H. Walker. Hand colored. Rare original map views include Town of Chatham and Village of North Chatham on one side and Village of Chatham, Village of West Chatham, Village of South Chatham on the reverse. Map includes Chatham Lights, Harding’s Beach Light, Monomoy Point Light, Life-Saving Stations #2 and #3, and more. Houses and property owners’ names are shown as well as roads, ponds and other features. Among the many surnames shown: Smith, Clifford, Nickerson, Steel, Eldridge, Pierce, Batchelder, Howes, Loveland, Harding, Sparrow, Robbins, Atkins, Burgess, Kendrick, Allen, Kent, Rogers, Young, Crowell, Bassett, Harding, Buck, Hammond, Snow, Wing, Baker, Godfrey, Potter, Johnson, Clark, Ryder, Tripp, Burshell, Snow, Stetson, Small, Dill, Jackson, Hunt, Taylor, Hammond, Gould, etc. Also shown: Crows Pond, South Point, Nauset Beach Point, Strong Island, The Spit, Fix Hill, Social Hall, Ryders Cove, Chathamport, Goose Pond, Store, Taylors Pond, Windmill, Oyster Harbor, Hardings Beach Point, Morris Island, Stage Island, Stage Hrbor, Life Saving Stations, Ames Point, Chatham Lights, South Point, Breakers, Ooyster Pond, Cemeteries, Baptist Parish, Foreside Harbor, Old Harbor, Schooner Bar, Inard Point, Shooters Island, Ramp Hole, Fish Houses, Salt Pond, Cove, Boatway, Sail Loft, Wharf, Coal Yard, Mill Pond, etc. Map is entirely intact, hinged in center from atlas. Includes pp. 64-66. Village of Chatham map has moisture to top right corner. Town of Chatham and West Chatham maps have similar moisture to one corner. Otherwise clean and intact and will mat and frame just fine. A great piece for framing, quite rare. (VG-). $245.