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2989. (lot negatives / contact prints) Walter L. Main Circus Parade c.1900.

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2989. (lot negatives / contact prints) Walter L. Main Circus Parade c.1900.

2989. (lot negatives / contact prints) Walter L. Main Circus Parade c.1900. Lot of 10 wonderful close, clear views show portions of the circus parade of the Walter L. Main Circus c.1900. Walter L. Main, had an outstanding career in the circus business during 1887-1939. His Walter Main Circus, headquartered in Geneva, Ohio, was, at a time, one of the largest traveling railroad circuses in the world. After selling his own circus in 1905 he reverted to primarily leasing his name to other showmen. That was the case in 1932, when it went to James Heron, and 1933, when Tom Gorman had it. The Walter L. Main Circus was a popular circus during the late 1800s through mid-1900s. Main’s circus outfit had to perform in smaller cities during this time because of stiff competition from the larger circus companies taking dates in the bigger cities of America. Main’s circus offered such performers as Adelle Houbignant (the greatest somersaulting bare back rider of all time), Aline Dumas (France’s loveliest and most intrepid queen of the lofty trapeze), Mike and Ike ( the world famous twin-midgets), Miss Naida Miller (whirlwind on the high wire), Major and Mrs. Pee Wee McLaughlin, a wolfman, clowns galore and much more. Negative views include: Ponies pulling a large circus wagon lettered “WALTER L MAIN SHOWS.”; young child walking alongside parade of soldiers; uniformed members of un-named Lodge organization marching; two men on horseback, in royal attire, in front of animal cage; Woman jumping from high pole into net; soldiers / band on horseback; line of four circus elephants; early automobile; men on horseback with a flag – labeled “Turks”; and a woman in ethnic clothing riding a camel. Additional contact prints (without negatives) include: Features man in horse drawn carriage with African American children walking along side. “Buffalo Bill” handwritten on back; Native Americans on horseback; Soldiers riding caisson – handwritten on back: “Gatlin Gun”; and mules pulling stagecoach. Each negative is in a labeled envelope with notations on the outside. Large format negatives measure approximately 3 ½” x 4 ½”. Overall condition of the negatives is very good. Ten negatives, 20 contact prints (some duplication). Wonderful close, clear views. (VG). $128.