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8109-115. [framed set commendation, photo, ensign and commissioning pennant] U. S. Coast Guard / SS El Estero c.1943.

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8109-115. [framed set commendation, photo, ensign and commissioning pennant] U. S. Coast Guard / SS El Estero c.1943.

8109-115. [framed set commendation, photo, ensign and commissioning pennant] U. S. Coast Guard / SS El Estero c.1943. Rare original set includes official U. S. Coast Guard Ensign size #5 (15” h x 25”w) and Commissioning Pennant 50” used on small or medium size harbor patrol craft coxswained by William Hyler Lippincott USCG. Also included is a copied document from District Coast Guard Officer, Third Naval District 42 Broadway New York, N.Y reads “To: Lippincott, William H.(581-732) Cox. (R) – Harbor Patrol Fleet. Subj: Commendation for performance on duty; I wish to commend you for splendid performance of duty on 24 April, 1943 in connection with fighting the fire which occurred aboard a vessel loaded with munitions in New York Harbor, N.Y. Your courageous conduct as a member of the crew of a Coast Guard vessel which assisted in the operation was in keeping with the highest traditions of the Naval Service. Stanley V. Parker, Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard. District Coast Guard Officer, Third Naval District.” Also too with a corresponding brass plaque. With loading completed on April 24, 1943, SS El Estero had taken on 1,365 tons of mixed munitions that caught fire at dockside in New York Harbor. The Jersey City Fire Department responded, along with two 30-foot fireboats and roughly 60 volunteers from the U.S. Coast Guard to help battle the blaze. The ship was successfully moved away and sunk by the heroic efforts of the tug boats and fireboats, averting a major disaster. With a shroud of secrecy soon in place over the events surrounding the sinking of El Estero due in large part to the then-classified mission of the Caven Point Army Depot, public knowledge of the near-disaster remained low until 1944 when the first of several awards for heroism were distributed to the first responders. El Estero herself would remain in her sunken state for the better part of four months before the still-loaded ship was finally raised from the seafloor and towed out of the harbor for use as a naval gunnery target. Coxswain William Hyler Lippincott was one of the Coast Guardsmen commended for his actions that day and this display was undoubtedly a proud family piece for many years. Nicely framed overall h. 24.5″, w. 33.5″. Ensign and pennant manufactured for Coast Guard has only light wear and age toning and is in very good condition. Field consists of vertical red/white stripes, with Coast Guard shield on crossed anchors overlaying on the right portion, with the words “Semper Paratus”. Top left corner is white with U. S. eagle and shield, with an arc of 13 stars above. Accompanying is an official U. S. Coast Guard Commissioning Pennant No. 7 (2 ” h x 50”w) that was flown from the mast-head on commissioning and is likewise in good condition. Field consists of 16 vertical red/white stripes, with 13 printed on blue stars on white field at the head. Also included is a photograph of Cox. Lippincott as well. This is an extremely rare, wonderful item for your display and quite difficult to get these original pennants, especially named and associated with such heroic action. Wonderful set for your display. (VG+). $1,145.