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C26151. Lot of 51 Lighthouse Apparatus Photographs by Chance Brothers c.1873-1881 on CD

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C26151. Lot of 51 Lighthouse Apparatus Photographs by Chance Brothers c.1873-1881 on CD

Lot of 51 Lighthouse Apparatus Photographs by Chance Brothers c.1873-1881

Superb lot of 51 albumen photographs of dioptic lighthouse apparatus by Chance Brothers, Birmingham c.1873-1881. Original photographs measured 7” x 11 ½” and each was mounted on separate heavy printed catalogue page. Lot appears to have been from Chance Brothers catalogue or book of some type. An unprecedented find of early, original photographs.

1. For Bull Point Ilfracombe 1879. 2. Trinity House London. 3. Bull Point Near Ilfracombe 1879. 4. Trinity House London. 5. Vlakke Hork Sumatra 1877. 6. Trinity House London. 7. King Island Victoria. 8. Boompjes Java. 9. Point Malcolm Lake Alexandria South Australia 1877. 10. Souter Point Coast Of North Umberland. 11. The South Stack Lower Light 1880. 12. Souter Point Coast Of Northumberland. 13. South Stack Lower Light 1880. 14. South Foreland High Lighthouse. 15. Hooki Breaker Point Dodd Island China 1880. 16. South Foreland High Lighthouse. 17. Anvil Point Dorset 1881. 18. South Foreland Third Order. 19. Macquarie New South Wales 1881. 20. South Foreland Fixed Light. 21. Fort Cornwallis Penang Straits Settlement 1881. 22. Wolf Rock Coast Of Cornwall. 23. Wolf Rock Revolving Light. 24. Tearaght Ireland. 25. Fixed Light For Goverment Of Austria. 26. Flamborough Head Yorkshire. 27. Revolving Flamborough Head Yorkshire Coast. 28. Great Basses Rock Ceylon. 29. Gun Cay Lighthouse Bahamas. 30. Port Of Dublin. 31. Bidston Lighthouse Nr Birkenhead. 32. The Longstone Fern Island 1873. 33. North Breakwater Holy Head 1873. 34. Start Point Devon 1873. 35. Longships Lands End Cornwall 1873. 36. Lowestoft High Light Suffolk 1873. 37. Hartland Point Devon 1873. 38. Red Shades Hartland Point Devon 1873. 39. Cowan Cowan Pouint Queensland 1874. 40. Dungeness 1875. 41. Red Sectors Dungeness 1875. 42. The Little Basses Ceylon 1876. 43. The Casquets Rocks English Channel Exhibited At Brussels 1876. 44. The Casquets Rocks Exhibited At Brussels 1876. 45. St Tudwall South Islet Wales 1876. 46. St Tudwall Cardigan Bay 1876. 47. Dioptric Lighthouse Apparatus For Anegada De Afeura Vera Cruz. 48. Dioptric Lighthouse Apparatus For Mexico. 49. Dioptric Lighthouse Apparatus For Brazil. 50. Dioptric Lighthouse Apparatus, Condensing Light With Fixed Apparatus. 51. Dioptric Lighthouse Apparatus For Heligoland North Sea.

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