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C-27172. (copy sets) Bureau of Lighthouses. Lighthouse Service Bulletins. Wash. 1912-1939.

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C-27172. (copy sets) Bureau of Lighthouses. Lighthouse Service Bulletins. Wash. 1912-1939.

C-27172. (copy) Bureau of Lighthouses. Lighthouse Service Bulletins. Wash. 1912-1939. Complete set Volumes I – V for a total of 329 issues.. Lighthouse Service Bulletins were issued monthly updating keepers and personnel on new technology and equipment, new construction, changes in personnel, fires and other disasters, punishments to keepers and personnel, lightships damages or driven off station, lives saved, and much more. Long sought after, these are made from the first full set that I have ever been able to find. These are probably the most informative look into the condition and day to day operations of the Lighthouse Service that I have yet found. The original issues measured 5 ½” x 9” and were 4 or 6 pages each, for a total of 1372 original pages of information. Our set reproduces these in five volumes of about 200-300 pages each. Each volume is fully indexed as were the originals and is spiral bound. This is an unprecedented lot of information, superb for reading and research. Vol. I. 1912 – 1917. 304 pages. $64. Vol. II. 1918 – 1923. 325 pages. $68. Vol. III. 1924 – 1929. 324 pages. $68. Vol. IV. 1930 – 1935. 237 pages. $50. Vol. V. 1936 – 1939. 182 pages. $40. Full set 5 volumes $260 (savings of $30)