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1506. Cape Lookout National Seashore. Cape Lookout Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling ( 1907) Historic Structure Report. NPS 2004

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1506. Cape Lookout National Seashore. Cape Lookout Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling ( 1907) Historic Structure Report. NPS 2004

1506. na. Cape Lookout National Seashore. Cape Lookout Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling ( 1907) Historic Structure Report. Cultural Resources Division, Southeast Regional Office, National Park Service. 2004. 87p. Soft wraps. Historic Structure Reports provide a valuable foundation for the rehabilitation, restoration, stabilization or reconstruction of historic structures. Such a report is particularly important for finding or fabricating significant missing architectural details and other items that would have been found on such structures, and for documenting the history and changes to such structures over time. This allows one to recapture the appearance of a property at one particular period of its history, removing later additions, or substantially modifying existing historic fabric. In this case, the Cape Lookout, North Carolina Lighthouse Keeper’s Dwelling (1907) was studied using evidence present at the site, historical documents found at the National Archives, Life-Saving Service records, logs, reports, letters from the keepers and more. The Barden House, as the structure is now known, was the third Keeper’s Dwelling built at the lighthouse station and was occupied by the lighthouse keeper and his family from the time it was completed in the fall of 1907 until the 1930s. In 1957, the Coast Guard, which had taken over operation of the nation’s lighthouses in 1939, made the decision to surplus many of the buildings at the lighthouse station and at the Coast Guard Station. In 1958, Dr. Graham Barden acquired the Keeper’s Dwelling and relocated it about 1.1 mile southwest of its original site. The architect for the original design of the Barden House has not been identified, but the plans were originally developed around 1886 in Baltimore by the engineering department of the Lighthouse Board. Those plans were modified around 1904 and used for construction of the house, which was completed in October 1907. Included as part of that construction project was a new summer kitchen and a brick and concrete cistern, both of which remain on their original sites near the lighthouse. The authors are able to provide a detailed assessment of how the structure would have looked during the period of interest, and more. The report includes numerous period and current photos and diagrams, architectural plans, and excerpts from Lighthouse Service and Coast Guard books and documents, original specifications, and more for guidance. A most important reference for anyone interested in what the building would have contained and looked like. (M). $36. (x)