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1686. (DVD) The Finest Hours: The True Story of the U.S. Coast Guard's Most Daring Sea Rescue. DVD. Run time 114 min. PG-13. Based on the extraordinary true story of the greatest smallboat rescue in Coast Guard history, THE FINEST HOURS is a tale of courage, loyalty and honor in the face of overwhelming odds. When a massive storm strikes off the coast of Cape Cod, it rips a T-2 oil tanker in half, trapping more than 30 sailors on its rapidly sinking stern. As BM1 Bernie Webber (Chris Pine) and his crew set out in the station 36-foot motor lifeboat to save them, Chief Engineer Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck) struggles to buy his men more time. Packed with heroic larger-than-life action and driven by the men's faith in their mission, themselves and one another, THE FINEST HOURS is a triumph. The Finest Hours has incredible and astonishing true-to-life heroism and action-packed rescue scenes. This marvelous and terrifying yarn ( Los Angeles Times ) deserves a place as a classic of survival at sea ( The Boston Globe). In the days following the ordeal, twenty-one Coast Guardsmen involved in multiple rescue missions would be decorated. Movie is based upon the original 1985 account by Coxswain BM1 Bernard Webber. $29.95. (x)

17105. (DVD) America’s Forgotten Heroine – Ida Lewis Keeper of the Light. 46min. Goodnight Irene Productions. 2014. Ida Zoradia Lewis lived and died while tending the light on a small outcropping of Lime Rock in Newport (R.I.) Harbor from 1857 to 1911, saving the lives of more than 25 people – and a prize sheep – from certain peril. This first DVD on her life tells the dramatic story of one of this country’s most famous lighthouse keepers, and one of the bravest women in American maritime history. This historical documentary provides an intimate portrayal of Ida Lewis from age 15 to 69. It resurrects her story of both fame and isolation, the impact she inadvertently had on the early women’s rights movement, and the passion and moral fiber she intrinsically brought to her work as a lighthouse keeper and unlikely heroine.  Narrated by Marilyn Murphy Meardon as the elder Ida, the documentary is shot in HD and includes compelling interviews -- including with Ida biographer Lenore Skomal -- animation of Ida’s dramatic rescues, and historical photographs and illustrations. This film renews the national memory of Ida Lewis and returns her to her rightful place in American maritime history. (M). $26.95. 



10459. (DVD) Lakeshore Guardians - The Story of Nine Wisconsin Life-Saving Stations. 2010. 59 minutes. Written, shot, and edited by filmmaker Dan Larson who also produced the Keepers of the Door series. Dan Weaver composed and recorded the music score. Steve VanBekum provided voice-over narration. Between 1875 and 1896, nine U.S. Life-Saving Stations were completed along the Lake Michigan coast, stretching from Kenosha to Plum Island in Death’s Door Passage. Staffed by a keeper and a seven-man crew, these “guardians” saved countless mariners wrecked along the shore. Seven years in the making, this 59-minute documentary tells the story of their sacrifice and bravery. Larson has spent the past several years traveling the Lake Michigan coast shooting and documenting what remains of the United States Life-Saving Service. The result is a comprehensive video that includes such topics as the Sturgeon Bay Station’s rescue of the schooner Otter’s crew, the Service’s role in the loss of the Christmas Tree ship, the 1913 winter storm’s impact on the Plum Island Station and much more. (M). $24.95. Our price $23.45.

10470. (DVD) The Keepers of Cana Island Light & Keepers of the Door. 2006. (two documentaries in one) In the Keepers of Cana Island Light, actos Stephen King plays the part of Keeper Clifford Sanderson, who was Assistant Keeper at Cana Island From 1884-1892, and keeper from 1924-1933. Join him as he begins the story in 1867 when plans for the lighthouse were first discussed, and follow the lives and work of each of the eight keepers at Cana Island over the years. Keepers of the Door documents the many lighthouses of Door County, Wisconsin, and the many keepers who dutifully kept the lights burning. Beginning in 1836 at Pottowatomie Lighthouse on Rock Island and looks at twelve light stations, with interviews of relatives of the keepers, looks inside the light towers and homes, and more. (M). $29.95. Our price $28.45.

10448. (DVD) The Lightkeepers with Academy Award® winner Richard Dreyfuss (Jaws, The Goodbye Girl) stars with Emmy and Tony winner Blythe Danner (Meet the Fockers) and Oscar® nominee Bruce Dern (Coming Home) in this warmhearted tale of lost love and second chances. This highly anticipated movie was filmed on location at the Race Point Lighthouse on Cape Cod. The year is 1912. Vowing to swear off women for good, curmudgeonly Seth Atkins (Dreyfuss) takes refuge tending a remote Cape Cod lighthouse. Then, a mysterious stranger (Tom Wisdom, Pirate Radio) literally washes up in Seth's life, with a past full of secrets and a similar aversion to females. But the arrival of two beautiful, spirited women (Danner and Mamie Gummer) will test the men's resolve - and send all four of them sailing into uncharted romantic waters! Regular Price $27.95. Our Price $22.50. 

2821. (DVD) The Lightship (1985, released June 2005) with actors: Tom Bower, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Robert Costanzo, Badja Djola, Robert Duvall. From the 1934 novel by Archie Binns. Lightships – stationary vessels that serve as offshore lighthouses – were once a common feature of the America n coasts. In “The Lightship”, director Jerzy Sk olimowski takes us into the storm-tossed, suffocatingly close world of a lightship to witness the age-old struggle of good and evil in a uniquely nightmarish setting. The ship’s captain, Klaus Marie Brandauer, must somehow protect his men and his rebellious son against an invading gang led by a man who is as cunning as he is without scruples (Robert Duvall). The trio of robbers, two brothers and their twisted genius leader, don't reckon on the crew fighting back. Filmed on an actual lightship meticulously restored to evoke a now bygone way of life, “The Lightship” is a powerful and realistically vivid drama of one man’s struggle against the powers of darkness. Color, DVD-Video, Widescreen, NTSC. Running time 88 minutes. New and factory sealed! Never viewed! (M). $21.95.


28308. Ellsberg, Commander Edward. On the Bottom. Flat Hammock Press. 2004. 256 pages w/ photos, with added CD, & DVD. With an introduction by Edward L. Beach, Captain, U. S. Navy (Retired). First published in 1929, this enthralling work has become one of the greatest true stories of adventure, dogged determination, courage and loyalty ever written. On the evening of September 25, 1925 the U.S. Navy Submarine S-51 was rammed by the steamship SS City of Rome in open seas off Block Island, Rhode Island, and sank in 132 feet of water, with the loss of 33 lives. This disaster evoked such a storm of popular indignation against the Navy Department that something had to be done. It was felt that at all costs a determined attempt must be made to raise the S-51, if only to restore public confidence. No vessel had ever been raised from such a depth, and to the technical mind the thing was impossible. The task of salvaging the submarine fell to Lieutenant Commander Edward Ellsberg and a group of naval divers scavenged from all over the fleet. It was done painstakingly over a nine month period and involved obstacle after obstacle, all the while battling rough seas, icy waters, and "the bends." Working in hard hats with lead boots, in minimal light, while dragging air lines behind them, each diver had about an hour of exhausting and terrifying work before a lengthy decompression process. It is no exaggeration to say that the impossible was achieved. Originally published in 1929, this magnificent account of the struggle on the ocean floor to salvage the sunken U.S. Navy submarine, S-51, has become a modern classic of the sea. What was not included in Edward Ellsberg’s gripping account are specifics of the accident, the aftermath, and the extent that the event touched the nation. This expanded edition presents this and more by including an introduction, a publisher’s preface, additional photographs, an afterword, and appendixes. Also added is a recording of the period song "Sinking of the Submarine S-51," an oral history by Commander Ellsberg, and a video disc of rare on scene newsreel footage. "A marvelous tale, filled with moments of horrified expectancy, of glad thrills, of impossible deeds and endurances, of achievements that smack of magic." (The New York Times). (M). $34.95

25195. (4 DVD set) Victory at Sea series. Winner of both an Emmy and a Peabody, this legendary 1952 WWII documentary series drew from more than 13,000 hours of footage shot by the US, British, German, and Japanese navies. Narrated by Leonard Graves, with an original music score by Richard Rodgers, it spans American and Allied naval operations from Pearl Harbor to the Mediterranean, Murmansk to Mandalay. This award-winning documentary series is presented in its entirety and has been digitally remastered and restored for your viewing pleasure. Set includes all 26 full length episodes shown on TV, B&W and color; approximately 12 hours on 4 DVDs of original uncut action. Superb, stirring documentary and music that you will long remember. $39.95.  

11103. (DVD) America The Story of Us. 3-disc set is a 12-hour television miniseries that tells the extraordinary story of how America was invented. With highly realistic CGI animation, dramatic recreations, and thoughtful insights from some of America's most respected artists, business leaders, academics, and intellectuals, it is a comprehensive telling of America's history. Elaborate, ambitious, and cinematic, America The Story of Us takes you into the moments when Americans harnessed technology to advance human progress: from the rigors of linking the continent by transcontinental railroad; to triumphing over vertical space through the construction of steel-structured buildings; to putting a man on the moon. It is an intensive look at the people, places, and things that have shaped the nation, and the tough and thrilling adventure that is America's 400-year history. (M). $12.95.

SR-449. (video) Gonder, Budd. The Coast Guard License From Six Pac to Master 100 Tons. c.1998. Charters West. 48 minutes. An informal video for Coast Guard license candidates who want to know what it is all about: What do you have to do? What are the exams really like? What do I have to know to pass? Study materials, etc. Lightly used. (VG). $12.

W-11. (video) SEUL CHOIX POINT, LAKE MICHIGAN – A Community and its Lighthouse. 1997. Seul Choix Pointe on northern Lake Michigan is home to one of North America's most brilliantly restored light stations. Hand polished hardwood floors, glistening copper molding, authentically furnished rooms, and a winding 96-step light tower suspend the visitor between past and present. While the lighthouse preserves the station's maritime heritage, the fog signal building serves as a regional history museum that displays a rich collection of artifacts from the voyageur, commercial fishing and logging eras. Take this video journey and travel back in time as the story of Seul Choix Pointe is told through breathtaking scenery, poignant historical photographs and personal recollections. VHS - 45 minutes. $19.95.  

W-10. (video) LIGHTHOUSES – Guardians of the Night. 1997. Now you can enjoy a visually spectacular documentary on the history of lighthouses on home video. Guardians of the Night takes you on a journey as you revisit the Golden Age of the Lighthouse, and see so many of the proud, majestic and formidable structures that "stand firm against wave and wind". This truly unique home video is filled with fascinating facts, stunning ariel photography and rare archival building plans and drawings that will captivate the lighthouse buff, interest mariners of all kinds, and make all viewers sit back and watch in delight. VHS - 52 minutes. $9.95. 

9336. [video tape] THE COAST GUARD IN THE 1930’S. Great original film footage produced in 1937 shows the early Coast Guard performing its daily duties. The film is divided into four parts, from a promotional film produced in 1937: The Story of the Coast Guard, The Coast Guard Academy, Service Afloat, and Service Ashore. Early footage includes early cutters, 34’ motor lifeboat underway in heavy seas, taking a vessel in tow during a storm, aerial views of beach stations, firing the Lyle gun and breeches buoy rescue from a vessel ashore, taking men off a burning tanker, pulling surfboats and lifeboats underway, early sea planes, laboratories and maneuvers at the Academy, patrol boats and cutters, flood of 1927, 78-foot patrol boats, capturing rum runners, beach patrol, New Jersey shipwrecks, and much more. Running time is approximately one hour. Great early views, all from original 1920’s-30’s original film footage and narrated, give a little seen view of our early Coast Guard. $29.95.

25389. [video tape] HISTORY OF CHATHAM, CAPE COD Part II. Mooncusser Productions. Did you know Chatham once had its own wrecking settlement called Scrabbletown? Or that Monomoy Point was once home to Whitewash Village, complete with its own tavern and schoolhouse? Narrated by five-time Tony award winning actress Julie Harris (also a Chatham Native), you will view rare historic film of the many local sights and characters from Chatham's saltier days, including the Shovelful Shoal Lightship, Old Harbor Lifesaving Station, and a journey up Monomoy by motorcar as well as see spectacular aerial views of the area from an external wing-mounted camera. This is a film that you should enjoy. 30 minutes, VHS. (M).  $24.95.  

21472D. (DVD) Alone in The Night : Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island, and the North Channel. By Andrea Gutsche, Barbara Chisholm & Russell Floren. Traces the evolution of 130 years of light keeping by revealing the heroic and the scandalous, the gritty and routine aspects of this remarkable chapter of marine history. The film offers an adventure, where the audience visits different lighthouses with former light keepers. Archival photographs, breathtaking shots of the lights, underwater photography and character voices add to the riveting portrait of over 135 years of light keeping on Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island , and the North Channel . 72 min. $ 29.95.

20171. [video tape] WRECKS! True Accounts from America's Deadliest Coast. Mooncusser Productions. More than 5000 recorded shipwrecks occurred on the back side of Cape Cod. First hand accounts, historic photographs, exciting re-enactments and narration by award winning actress Julie Harris bring to life the saga of mooncussers and lifesavers on outer Cape Cod. $28.95. 

26355. (PDF file on CD) Report of the United States Light-House Board. Presented to Congress by Rear Admiral W. B. Shubrick, U. S. Navy, Chairman. October 15, 1869. Approx 80p. Includes complete report on construction, repairs and replacement of each and every light and vessel from #1 at West Quoddy Head, Maine to #383 at Ediz Hook , WA . Also includes improvements in equipment, expenditures, new lights established and the overall condition and operation of the Establishment. Excellent details on conditions and equipment. This volume was transcribed as faithfully as possible for inclusion as a PDF file on CD, which provides quick reference as well as the ability to cut and paste sections for inclusion into your work. Excellent resource. $19.95.

1136. (video) RESCUED - The Story of Nauset Lighthouse. The thirty minute video is the story of the history and relocation of Nauset Light, and is a "must have" for all lighthouse lovers. Produced in 1998, Greg O'Brien wrote the text and Chuck Kraemer did the narration. $16.95.

1137. (video) Dive Wreck Valley Video Series - Exploring Northeast Shipwrecks. Tape covers the history, current condition, marine life, artifacts and dive conditions of different shipwrecks in the northeast. 24 min. $6.95.

1138. (video) My Sister's Lighthouse. Blue Hill Bay Films. $6.95.

SR-449. (video) Gonder, Budd. The Coast Guard License From Six Pac to Master 100 Tons. c.1998. Charters West. 48 minutes. An informal video for Coast Guard license candidates who want to know what it is all about: What do you have to do? What are the exams really like? What do I have to know to pass? Study materials, etc. Lightly used. (VG). $12.

11106. (DVD set) Elvis Presley. Elvis Triple Feature: Harum Scarum/Speedway/The Trouble With Girls. A hunka-hunka burnin' excitement comes your way in three Elvis Presley movie romps. Former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley teams with rock's renowned King for the Arabian daze and nights of Harum Scarum (Disc 1/Side A). Next, these beauts are made for watchin' as go-go-booted Nancy Sinatra plays an IRS tax collector and Elvis portrays a top World 600 stock-car driver in Speedway (Disc 1/Side B). Finally, Presley takes on a change-of-pace role in The Trouble with Girls (Disc 2), starring as the white-suited impresario of a traveling 1927 tent show that brings its novelty acts, lectures and musical harmonies to Radford Center, Iowa. Songs, romance, Americana and co-stars Vincent Price and Sheree North. (M). $9.

11104.(DVD set) On the Road with Charles Kuralt: Set 1. The beloved Emmy winning series that began on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. For 20 years beginning in 1967, Charles Kuralt wandered America’s byways in search of the unusual and the overlooked. He and his small crew logged more than a million miles and wore out six motor homes. For his homespun vignettes of everyday life, Kuralt won an Emmy® and became a household name. He traveled through all 50 states, talking with horse traders, worm hunters, singing mailmen, and sharecroppers who put nine children through college. He reported on an elderly man who fixed bicycles for local children, and a woman who talked to Canadian geese. No topic was too small, no person too insignificant. Kuralt once said, "There are sights in this country and people in this country to banish any gloom you ever may feel and to fill you instead with wonder." By noticing the ordinary and celebrating originality, he exalted us all. 18 episodes. Approximately 378 minutes. Wonderful viewing. (M). $16.








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