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1750. (officer cap insignia) Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch And Naval Police c.1914-1952. Lovely original Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch And Naval Police cap insignia on 1 ¾” cap band. Officer pattern cap badges were worn by all officers from the rank of Warrant Officer to Admiral. They were worn on the officer's pattern cap, and a smaller version was worn on a navy blue beret. Painted representations of the officer's cap badge were sometimes worn on the steel helmet. Prior to 1952, the pattern of Crown was the Tudor or "King's Crown" as seen here. In 1952, with the accession of Queen Elizabeth II, the pattern of Crown was changed to the St. Edwards or "Queens Crown". King's Crown badges continued in wear for several years. See http://mpmuseum.org/index3.html . This insignia belonged to a man named Eric, who was born on the Island of Man in UK. He sailed as the Second Engineer on the Phantom (Guiness's yacht), which was interred in Seattle at the beginning of WW2 and sat at anchor at the Seattle Yacht Club for a couple of years. After he spent a short time in Canada servicing lighthouses as an engineer he took a commission in the Canadian Navy and sailed on the minesweeper HMCS Digby as Chief Engineer. The insignia is from his working Blue uniform and the gold thread has the tarnished look. Insignia measures about 2 ½” h x 3” w. Quite nice collectible. (VG+). $44.

1741. (photo) Canadian Life-Saving Station With Crew, Long Point, Ontario, Lake Erie c.1910. Great image shows a close, clear view of the keeper and his 7-man crew posing outside with their surfboat on the boatramp in front of the station. Long Point is a narrow peninsula nearly disconnected from the mainland at its west end, from which it extends eastward about 18 miles. The life-saving station was located on the lake shore at the point 6,000 feet westerly from Long Point light. Very little is written about the Canadian stations and photos such as this are sought after. Excellent details of the station and boat. Great early detail, on postcard paper, with message and postmark on back. Postmarked not readable. Measures 3 ½” x 7”. Only very light wear, clear and close. (VG+). $94.

22160c. Appleton, Thomas E., USQUE AD MARE – A History of the Canadian Coast Guard and Marine Services. Ottawa . 1968. 318 p. It is extremely difficult to find early information on the Canadian Lighthouse Service and later Coast Guard and this provides a treasure trove of information. The author begins in the early years and tells of lighthouses and buoys, of the government steamers, of lifesaving and rescue, dangers and disasters and the men and women who served so well. A wealth of scarce information about our sister services.  History includes early light and fog stations in the Dominion, light vessels, beacons, construction, political influences, shipwrecks, lifeboat stations, icebreakers, and more. Clean except some underlining in ink, crisp, tight. (VG+). $48.

1493. Chubbs, Harold and Wade Kearley. Facing the Sea: Lightkeepers and Their Families. Flanker Press. 2013. 132p. Hard cover. DJ. In Facing the Sea, authors Harold Chubbs and Wade Kearley have captured an important era in the maritime history of Newfoundland and Labrador. These tales of rescue and tragedy, of love lost and redeemed, describe first-hand what life was like for lightkeepers and their families in twenty-five light stations along the exposed and often inhospitable coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. Most of these stories are told here for the first time in print, and each story is rich with new details and insights from the perspective of these remarkable men and women. Well illustrated with photographs. (M). $38. (x)

1753. Seguin, Marc. For Want of a Lighthouse: Building the Lighthouses of Eastern Lake Ontario 1828–1914. Trafford Publishing. 2015. 566p. Soft wraps. No safe harbours for steamboats or sailing vessels could be found along an isolated 70-mile stretch of eastern Lake Ontario, dominated by the irregular-shaped Prince Edward County peninsula. Frequent storms, rocky reefs and sandy shoals were among the many dangers facing 19th century mariners. So many shipwrecks mark one narrow and shallow underwater ridge in the region that it became known as the graveyard of Lake Ontario. It was on these shores, from Presqu ile Bay to Kingston harbour and along the Bay of Quinte, that a network of more than forty lighthouses and light towers was built between 1828 and 1914. For Want Of A Lighthouse presents a sweeping look at the social and technological changes which marked the era, and brings to life the people, politics and the hardships involved in the construction of these essential aids to navigation. Through the use of extensive archival material and more than 100 maps and photographs, Marc Seguin documents the vital role these lighthouses played in the building of a nation. There is now a race against time to save the few original towers that are still standing. All of the author’s profits from the sale of this book will go towards the preservation of these remaining lighthouses. (M). $26.44. (x)


15214. (newspaper clippings) Flint Island Lighthouse, Nova Scotia, Death of Keeper's Son c.1933. Flint island is a small, flat-topped, grassy island less than two hectares in area, and rimmed by steep sandstone cliffs. It is located few kilometers off the eastern coastline of Cape Breton Island. As a snowstorm swirled around the lonely light station, watchers from shore could only guess at the meaning of the mysterious distress signals seen flying at the lighthouse. For six days ships attempted to reach the storm-bound rock. When shifting winds finally cleared away the floating ice, a steamer was able to approach to find the body of Raymond, the 15 year old son of the keeper. Raymond was drowned when he was trapped with his brother on a floating ice cake. The second son was saved after two hours of harrowing effort by Keeper John Martell but Raymond could not be saved. Interesting articles tell the harrowing tale. Dated March 30, 1933. (VG). $20.


13454. (photo) Keeper Eliza Campbell Cleans Fresnel Drum Lens at Canada’s Scatari Island Light Station c.1959. Clear, close original 7” x 9” press photo shows great detail of the large drum lens as Keeper Campbell tends the light. Since 1942 when her husband died, Mrs. Campbell has continued keeping the light station on the bleak and forbidding dot of land off Cape Breton Island. Mrs. Campbell keeps her vigil 11 months of the year with the remaining 1 month annual leave. Photo is b/w and includes date and credit line and description on back. Dated December 28, 1959. Clear and close view. (VG+). $44.



13117. (lot 7 photos) Montreal Harbor & Pier Scenes, Canada c.1950. 8" x 10". This is a lot of 7 vintage b/w photos of the Montreal Harbor, shipping and pier scenes. Photos were taken in 1950 and most are matte finished on heavy stock paper. (VG+). Lot 7 photos $18.


13371. Kendrick, Al & Isabelle. Lighthouse Keepers. 2001. 72p. Spiral bound. Al and Isabelle Kendrich were keepers at the Port Colbourne Light in Ontario from 1943 until 1979. This first-hand account, penned by wife Isabelle, recounts their time spent together at the light station, their work and what lighthouse life was like. Nicely done and very difficult to find copies. Illustrated with numerous photographs. (VG+). $64.


12192. Anderson, Flo. Lighthouse Chronicles: Twenty Years on the BC Lights. 1998. Harbour, 224p. Soft wraps. In 1961 Flo Anderson, her husband Trevor and their four children left a life of relative comfort and convenience in Vancouver and moved to Lennard Island, a rocky, windswept light station off the west coast of Vancouver Island. The Andersons worked as lightkeepers for the next twenty years, at Lennard and then at Barrett Rock, McInnis Island, Green Island (BC's northernmost lighthouse) and Race Rocks (BC's southernmost). In this extraordinary memoir Anderson speaks candidly about the challenges of learning to live on an exposed, isolated island the size of a city block, where, to get through the day, a family has no one to depend upon - except each other. She describes the essential, exacting work of lightkeeping, which was soon to become a lost art. She also describes the profound joys of living with a family in a wild and beautiful place - enjoying the tranquillity of hidden coves and private beaches, looking out over a storm-tossed sea blanketed with foam, and watching her children discover, firsthand, the natural wonders of the BC coast. Wonderful, interesting account. Light use, gift inscription. (VG). $16.


  (not included)

1302. (photo) Lighthouse Keeper Mrs. Eliza Campbell Tends the Lamp, Scatari Island Light Station, Nova Scotia c.1959. Clear, close 7” x 9” newspaper photo shows as the Eliza Campbell as she tends the lamp on lonely Scatari Island, located off Cape Breton Island, just as she has been doing since her husband died in 1942. She keeps her vigil 11 months of every year, and leaves the island only during her annual 30-day leave. Great detail. Dated December 28, 1959. With credit line and description on back. Two cropping lines. (VG+) $38.



6561c. Richardson , E. M., WE KEEP A LIGHT. Toronto . 1945.  2nd. revised 1985.  271pp. Soft wraps. True account of the author and her family, who purchase Bon Portage Island , Nova Scotia , are appointed keeper of the lighthouse and build a life at this isolated Light-station. True accounts of storms, the sea and the light itself, and of working together far from the conveniences of ‘modern-day living’. Quite clean, tight, good copy. (VG-).  $12.



9173a,b. Lafreniere, Normand. LIGHTKEEPING ON THE ST. LAWRENCE – The End on an Era. Toronto . 1996. 108p. Lightkeeping on the St. Lawrence outlines the history of light-keeping in the area from its emergence in 1803 until automation replaced the last light keeper in 1988. This is a tale of shipwrecks and storms, of the lonely existence of the keeper who endured harsh working conditions, often alone. Based on archival materials and on interviews with keepers themselves, this is a most interesting volume. With wonderful information on the depots, daily routines, apparatus and oil, cleaning the lens, watches, salaries, living in the tower and dwellings, light-vessels, and much more. Wonderfully illustrated with over 30 color and b/w photographs. (VG+). $28.

24139b. (souvenir trivet) Yarmouth Lighthouse, Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia c.1900. This unusual piece features a detailed b/w image of the light station and fog signal on the rocky bluff. The first Cape Forchu Lighthouse, a wooden octagonal tower standing eighteen meters tall, was first lit on January 15, 1840. The site of the tower was originally an island surrounded three by three bodies of water, Yarmouth Harbour, the Bay of Fundy, and the Atlantic Ocean, but a causeway to the island was later built. The fog whistle was established on the cape in 1869 and was sounded for ten seconds in every minute during foggy weather and snowstorms. The beautiful trivet is a lovely bright white color, with gilt decoration around the raised fluted border. Measures 5 5/8” square. Marked Made in Germany.” Clean, bright, no cracks or checks, a very detailed, pretty little item for your display. (VG+). $44. 


L-184. de Villiers, Marq and Sheila Hirtle. A Dune Adrift: The Strange Origins and Curious History of a Dune Adrift in the Atlantic. New York. 2004. 276p. DJ. This engaging natural history celebrates one of the world's most precarious landscapes, a sand spit 30 miles long and less than a mile wide, plunked down 100 miles from the Canadian coast. Continually gouged by wind and wave and stingily replenished with sand by the currents swirling around it, the evanescent but intractable island has wrecked hundreds of ships over the centuries while sheltering enough greenery and fresh water to maintain a herd of wild horses. De Villiers and Hirtle explore the geological and oceanographic forces that shaped and maintain the island and the flora and fauna that cling to it. They also examine its place in human history, regaling readers with tales of the shipwreck tragedies that darken its past and recalling the many odd little communities of castaways, lifeguards and scientists that have washed up on its beaches. (F-). $18.

9173a,b. Lafreniere, Normand. LIGHTKEEPING ON THE ST. LAWRENCE – The End on an Era. Toronto. 1996. 108p. Lightkeeping on the St. Lawrence outlines the history of light-keeping in the area from its emergence in 1803 until automation replaced the last light keeper in 1988. This is a tale of shipwrecks and storms, of the lonely existence of the keeper who endured harsh working conditions, often alone. Based on archival materials and on interviews with keepers themselves, this is a most interesting volume. With wonderful information on the depots, daily routines, apparatus and oil, cleaning the lens, watches, salaries, living in the tower and dwellings, light-vessels, and much more. Wonderfully illustrated with over 30 color and b/w photographs. (VG+). $32.


28172. (hand colored photograph) Peaceful Evening Renforth, NB. c.1910 by F. E. Garrett. Lovely large hand colored photograph with lovely subtle colors on original period mat and frame (without glass)  shows a wonderful clear view of boats peacefully sailing on the river as the sun sets in the distance. Renforth is a Canadian suburban community and former village in New Brunswick. situated on the south bank of the Kennebecasis River. The mat is signed “F. E. Garrett”, a notable artist of the time on par with Wallace Nutting, Sawyer and Davidson. Garrett came from Scotland and lived in the St. John area of New Brunswick. Like most other early 20th century hand-colored photographers, Garrett followed the lead of Wallace Nutting, Sawyer, Davidson and others, hand coloring their photographic images and selling primarily exterior landscape scenes. Most Garrett images were taken in the Provinces. They are typically characterized by bold shades of coloring, with the image mounted upon an indented matting, signed "F. E. Garrett" lower right, sometimes titled lower left, and framed within a 1/2" frame. Beautiful detail, clean and crisp, this is a fine early image  and is beautifully hand colored. The image measures about 7 ¼” x 11 ½”  in 15” x 19” period frame. Glass had been removed, should be re-glazed. Overall in quite excellent condition, a superb display piece. (VG+). $119.

22187b. (souvenir creamer) c.1900. Superb large creamer, featuring a detailed full color image of “Light House, Hampton, Nova Scotia.” This is one of the more striking that I have found, featuring a very pretty and quite detailed full color image of this dark wooden tower with the keeper’s house nearby. The creamer is of a classic style, enhanced by a short spout and handle on top with a very striking gilt borders and trim. “Made in Germany .” This beautiful collector’s piece measures 3 ½” high x 2 ½” in diameter. This is a wonderful, early commemorative piece, clean and bright, striking.  (F-). $68 net.  

1007. Maginley, Charles D. and Bernard Collin. The Ships of Canada's Marine Services. Vanwell. 2001. 288p. DJ. With one of the longest coastlines in the world and a significant inland waterway, Canada possesses an unparalleled civilian fleet providing essential marine services. This detailed work presents an illustrated record of the historical and hard-working ships that have shaped their history and maritime heritage, current to the year 2001. The ships included belong to the Canadian Coast Guard and its predecessors, to the Customs Preventive Service, patrol vessels of the RCMP, and the civilian-crewed vessels of the Canadian Naval Auxiliary Service. These ships include hydrographic survey vessels, icebreakers, fisheries patrol boats, search and rescue craft both station-based and offshore, lighthouse supply vessels and buoytenders, lightships, tugs, and northern exploration ships. Included are work histories, specifications and photographs (some quite rare) or paintings of each ship are given. Many ships are illustrated in rare old photographs digitally enhanced for clarity, in sketches and paintings by talented marine artists, and in a stunning 24-page colour section within the book. Ship histories have been compiled from many sources, both published and obscure, to provide as complete a record as possible. (M). $59.95.

7298b. Andrews, Capt. W. D. [Toronto Harbor Life-Saving Crew], THE LIFEBOAT AND OTHER POEMS, With a Record of Eighteen Years Service. nd. c.1890. 62p. with 62 illustrations. 12MO. Soft wraps. A rare tale of 18 years of heroic service and heroism with the US Life-Saving Service in Cleveland and Canadian life-savers. Captain Andrews was responsible for saving the lives of people on the schooner J.R. Pelton heading to Toledo, shipwrecked crews near Buffalo, countless saves in the Toronto Harbor, Kingston and other parts of Ontario. He was also involved in improvements in life saving equipment, including early trials of the Lyle gun and more. At the time of this memoir, the author had become blind and it was penned by Chas. Pearson. The first half of this book describes all of Captain Andrews' rescues which started at the tender age of 18. The second half of the book is an interesting collection of poetry written by the Captain. Some of the titles include: The Sea, The Lighthouse, The Lifeboat, The Masonic Flag and Life Signals. Well illustrated with engravings, this life-saver tells of various rescues and medals received, of his visits to U.S. Life-Saving stations, use of the Lyle gun and of lifeboats. An esoteric and fascinating account of bravery, plus interesting historical nautical info on lifesaving practices in Canada and the US during the Victorian era. Nice gilt embossed image of a Dobbins’ lifeboat surfboat on covers, light wear and soiling. Contents clean and tight. (VG). $78.

 L-49. Treasury Dept. , U.S. Coast Guard. LIST OF LIGHTS GREAT LAKES AND CANADA. CG-159. GPO. 1977. 193pp. Desirable listing includes detailed information on all lighthouses, lightships, post lights and other aids to navigation including location, characteristics, order of light, apparatus or illuminant, height, color and peculiarities, fog signal information, and much more. Soft wraps unusually intact,  very little wear. Contents quite clean, tight. (VG+).  $36. Reduced $ 25.

29208. Wellman, Jim. Lighthouse People Stories Of Men, Women, And Children Who Worked And Lived On Lightstations In Newfoundland And Labrador. St. John’s. 1999. 2nd. 190p. Soft wraps. Living with danger, a harsh environment, isolation and loneliness is the reality for the lighthouse keepers. Since the early 1800's, hundreds of courageous men and women have garrisoned these saviours of Newfoundland's unforgiving seas. Although keeping the lights aglow and blowing the foghorns were their main responsibilities, there are few who haven't participated in daring sea rescues, sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice of their own life trying to save others. The children of the lighthouse keeper often played a role in the upkeep and maintenance along with acquiring formal education either from their parents or from an itinerant teacher. The solitude may not have been too daunting, for the work of a lighthouse keeper was often passed down from generation to generation. Lighthouse People is a collection of their personal stories ranging from affectionate memories of family life to tales of heroism, adversity and tragedy. Great reading. (VG+). $34. 

26236. Baird, David. LIGHTHOUSES OF ATLANTIC CANADA. 240p. Calgary. 2003. Soft wraps. This colorful book traces the origins of more than 250 lighthouses from the beginning to the present day. This expansive volume is packed with more than 350 photographs and illustrations depicting light stations from the famed Peggy's Point to more remote outposts. Includes some great vintage photos, as well as views of lanterns, lenses and more. Also included are access maps and driving instructions for visiting the lighthouses. Highly recommend. (M). $24.95.

26148. Mills, Chris. LIGHTHOUSE LEGACIES. Halifax. 2006. Imagine living your life perched on a tiny island, without electricity, exposed to the fury of the sea, and always at the service of the mariner. This is how lightkeepers and their families spent their lives, even up until the 1960s. We are very close to losing the last of the people who lived this isolated life and experienced the heyday of lightkeeping in Canada. Lighthouse Legacies lets us share in the memories of those who kept the lights. These stories are presented largely in the words of the people, with context and history by author Chris Mills. Each chapter deals with an element of lighthouse life and is complemented by photos from lighthouse family collections, the Coast Guard and Mills’ own collection. Great reading. (M). $24.95


25124. Trethewey, Ken. NORTH ATLANTIC LIGHTHOUSES. Paris. 2002. 200 p. DJ. Large format. Photography by Jean Guichard. A spectacular photographic journey to some of the most remarkable lighthouses along the North Atlantic Coast: from the bright orange towers on the ice-bound cliffs of Iceland to the "pepper-pot" lights nestled in the densely forested shores of Northern Canada; from the more elaborate constructions surveying the American East coast to the magnificent stone edifices of the rocky shores of France and the British Isles. Jean Guichard’s photographs will amaze lighthouse aficionados and beguile all those interested in the perils of our shores and man's formidable efforts to overcome them. (M). Published at $34.95. Our Price $18.95.

21474. Baird, David. NORTHERN LIGHTS – Lighthouses of Canada. Toronto. 1999. 245p. Soft wraps. One of the first books to tell the story of Canada’s lighthouses from coast to coast. The wonderful photographs and detailed text traces the evolution of Canada’s lights from their 18th-century beginnings to their technological transformations in more recent times. Includes a personal look at the distinctive building styles and innovative techniques used by Canadians to guide ships to safety, as well as tales of the keeper’s bravery and tragedy. Includes 300 striking photographs of Canada’s most remote and beautiful lighthouses. (M). $19.95.

2312. MacAlindin, Bob. NO PORT IN A STORM. Scotland. 2000. 146 p. Soft wraps. Now in its second printing. The ships of this book evoke none of the usual romantic images of ships and yet may be the noblest of all. Invariably painted a gaudy red, no other ships spent more time at sea yet sailed fewer miles, their crews compelled to scan the same water and stretch of coastline for the bulk of their working lives. The life of a lightshipman in a hurricane was a sleepless nightmare of holding on, body braced against every combination of rolling and pitching, with tons of water burying the ship. This enthralling book describes 18 factual adventures from many countries including America, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, England, Holland, Scotland, Australia and Belgium giving vivid accounts of life aboard and the many hazards and disasters that occurred. (M). $20.95.

21472. Gutsche, Andrea, Barbara Chisholm and Russell Floren. ALONE IN THE NIGHT – Lighthouses of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island and the North Channel. Toronto. 1996. 292p. Soft wraps. Alone in the Night is a compelling journey to the lighthouses that operated on the shores of Georgian Bay, Manitoulin Island and the North Channel. This most interesting account peels back the layers of history, revealing the heroic and routine aspects of the keeper’s lives in this remote area. This book features over 50 light stations and traces the evolution of lightkeeping in the area. Includes over 400 archival photographs and illustrations. Most interesting is the attention given to the lifestyles of the families and their daily duties. Includes some great chapters on the equipment and illuminating apparatus and the early years. Even if you are not particularly interested in Canadian lighthouses, the background and lifestyle information is well worth the price. (M). Published at $29.95. Our price $28.45.

22186. (souvenir cup) c.1900. Bright, gilt edged, white china commemorative cup featuring a beautiful clear, detailed full colored image of the "Beacon Light in Harbour, St. John, N.B." A very pretty and desirable piece, the cup measures 3" in diameter and 2 ¾" high, and is enhanced by a petite decorative gilt border around the handle and around the rim. Superb colored image and a great amount of detail, even to the clapboards, ropes and guys, boat davits and more. "[by) The Foley China, England." A beautiful and striking display piece. (VG). $42.

 21171. (souvenir plate) A rare, bright, gilt decorated and edged commemorative plate featuring a beautiful clear, detailed color image of the “North Head Fog Alarm (signal), Grand Manan.” c. 1900. One of only a few of this or any steam fog signal that I have had, this fairly large plate has a large 2 ¼” oval full color image on white of the fog signal building with its steel chimneys rising from the roof. This pretty display piece measures 6”  in diameter and is enhanced by a large wide gilded decoration around the edge. Nice detailed image on the bright white china and wide gilt border make a good contrast on this rare item. Marked “Made in Germany for the Linton & Sinclair Co., Ltd. St. John , NB. ” Quite clean, bright, only light wear to rim, a beautiful display piece. (VG+. $54 net.

 22169. (souvenir saucer) ) c.1900. Bright, gilt edged, flowered white china dish featuring a beautiful clear, detailed b/w image of the “Hotel and Light House at Mouth of Dalhousie Harbor , N. B.” A very pretty and desirable piece, the dish measures 5” in diameter, and is enhanced by a petite decorative flowered and gilt decoration around the rim. Nicely detailed image of the square wooden light tower .“Made in Germany ” An attractive display piece. (VG). $26.

 23236.  (souvenir cup) “The Beacon Light, St. John , N.B.” c.1890. This is a beautiful demi cup bearing a fine detailed image of the light station, keeper’s quarters and fog signal at St. John , N.B. A very pretty and desirable piece, the cup measures 2 ½” in diameter and 2 5/8” high, and is enhanced by a petite decorative gilt border around the handle and around the rim. As well as a beautiful full color floral design.  Superb colored design and b/w image and a great amount of detail, even to the clapboards, railing, lantern glass and more. Not marked. A beautiful display piece. (VG+). $38.





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